Hi, I’m Léo

I’m a dreamer, storyteller, wanderer, but also an optimistic leader defending strong values that want to build something good for a better future. In times more divided than ever, my goal is to build products and experiences that would bring together design + technology + business to let anyone belong. Values such as acceptance, inclusivity, people empowerment, tolerance and respect have always been in the front of my work, and will forever be.

After spending a few years in a cross-cultural environment studying international business between France, China and Japan, and a couple of years working at Shoootin collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams as Creative Project Manager, I decided it was time for a new exciting challenge. A few months ago, I enrolled DesignLab UX Academy Bootcamp with the aim to build digital products and experiences that would deepen the human experience.

Evolving at the crossroad of creativity and business, I’ve learned to develop an attentive eye, a sense of storytelling and a strong work ethic to meet every clients needs under tights deadlines, while strengthened my management skills due to the challenges of evolving in a fast paced creative industry.

When I’m not working, I’m attempting to make the best specialty coffee at home or I’m running across French’s countryside. In a nutshell, you’ll either find me sitting in a coffee shop in Paris, Berlin or Tokyo sipping a latte while spending hours on Lightroom editing pics I took across Asia or running my daily 10k listening to 2000s beats.